Release, unwind & and let go

How does this sound...

You come home from a long day and put on your favorite playlist! Feeling the need to unwind, you run yourself a bath and pour in your favorite bath soak. While the music is going and your bath is filling you light a few candles for that extra aromatherapy boost.

In the bath you are soaking, relaxing and letting go of the stresses from the day. After your soak you dry off and motorize head to toe with a luxurious body butter and then put on some comfy clothes. 

Now in the state of ultimate relaxation you make yourself come calming tea and write some kind words to yourself. Don't be shy, gas yourself up & be your own hype person!

This is what we mean by self care - it is the time and attention we give ourselves on a consistent basis. Having a luxurious night like this might not be attainable every night but let us provide you with handcrafted products that can 

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