Our Story

Whether its by lighting a calming candle, spraying the room with your favorite scents, taking a soothing bath or lathering up with your favorite moisturizer, there are so many ways we can create a little bit of peace in the mist of a stressful day.


Lets be honest, we are trying to juggle so many things each day and doing something special for ourselves is usually last on the list. Lunar Remedy is your one stop shop for all things calming and peaceful for you and your loved ones.

I started Lunar Remedy shortly after losing my job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Newly unemployed, while being a mother with bills and responsibilities, I was immediately feeling the pressure!


So what did I do... I took a bath. I know it might sound silly but little did I know I would come up with the idea to start my own business, right there in the tub.

There is something very symbolic about taking a soothing bath. You go in with all of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders and you allow yourself to just release, and then somehow you feel lighter. I have been making handcrafted bath & body products ever since.